Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back in KY!

Well, my first narrative painting is finished, thanks to The Guild and Camie Davis holding my hand the whole way!  It's no masterpiece but it has made me really excited about the paintings to come.  The show was lovely, and it was great to see so many people.   It was extra great at the end when we picked up a whole new party of dancers off the street (thanks to Katie Whipple for sure!).  Then there was just a whole week of goodbyes and packing and last minute shopping, which I will miss so much in KY.

We had a long and good and frustrating weekend trying to move me back.  My BF Kevin and his BFF Ernest came up on saturday.  They got in at 1:30am and we went straight into Manhattan to show Ernest the sights, then we got up super early to pack and head home.  Ran into some minor complications (ie the trailer was too small, so I am short a mattress set and we hit some snow throughout Maryland).

But now I'm here and getting ready to set up a studio in my cousin's old dental office.  Should be interesting?  I'm posting some (not great quality) pictures of the big painting and later of Kevin's Christmas present.  Though, I know he doesn't read this blog so I don't run much risk of ruining the surprise!

I'll take it to the photographer after christmas... better pictures to come!


  1. Girl! Your painting looks great! have a lovely Christmas and I'll talk to you sooner than you expect!

    Much love

  2. This is so exciting and beautiful! I want to come see your new work in person!

  3. Yay, glad you made it home! Must be great to be back and see the family all the time. The final painting looks great, you worked so hard and it show. Come visit NYC anytime, would love to see you. All the best,